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about planet sks

The buildings of the past that fascinate us are those which were built beyond the ability of their times. They are symbols of celebration of the human spirit that pushed potential beyond the limit. In like manner, our endeavor is not to erect buildings but ecosystems that celebrate the concepts, wisdom  and  competence  of  today,  for  a  better  tomorrow.

Way back in the early 20th century, many legendary architects postulated the concept of high-rise structures as the solution to the problems of space in tomorrow's world. Optimal use of resources, preservation of urban ecosystems, sustainable environment, adoption of the latest technology and skill were the inspiration for their concepts. Low density high-rises ensure a healthy atmosphere with abundant light and ventilation necessary for the nourishment of life. Tall buildings utilize technology, skill and expertise to their optimal limit. Use of information technology ensures intelligent, efficient and  best  use  of  resources  as  well  as  the  security  and  safety  of  the  inhabitants.

Environment friendly concepts make a significant impact only when an entire community subscribes and adopts them. Community housing is an opportunity to implement such concepts for the larger good  of  both  the  users  and  the  city  at  large.

Mangalore has embraced novel concepts which have improved the quality of life, especially those which have resulted in the common good. The intelligent citizens have been exposed to international lifestyles   and   are  comfortable  with  it.

The dream of SKS Netgate LLP is to implement self-sustaining greenery to restore the habitats of plant, bird and animal life in the 4.25 acres of land. 89% of open space is our proud contribution

to  conservation  at ‘planet sks ’.  The  elevated  location  of  the  plot  almost  on  the  hill  top  ensures  a spectacular view of the surroundings all the way to the horizon. Maintenance-friendly components and  maintenance-free  exteriors  ensure  an  evergreen  edifice  and  everlasting  joy  of  living.

The building will be self-sufficient in every way possible without straining the infrastructure of the city.  Reduction,  reuse  and  recycling  of  waste  will  be  implemented  as  a  routine  feature.

‘ planet sks ’ - Ground+35 storied high-rise springs out of hard mother rock strata, consists of 169 three to four bedroom units with 394 covered car parks for the residents and 30 for the visitors. Amenities like a Mini-forest, Children's Park, Playground, Neighborhood Store and Coffee Shop will be provided within the complex. A Clubhouse comprising Basketball Court,

Tennis Court, Squash Court, Indoor Shuttle Badminton, Health Club, Spa, Gym, Swimming Pools, Party Hall and Suites for guests is envisaged.

The professionally managed construction company Larson & Toubro, with proven quality and safety standards, is employed in the construction. The walls of the building form the structural shell made of concrete using state-of-the-art aluminium formwork technology. All the windows are either recessed into the building or covered with extended balconies and shades keeping rain and sun at bay. Expertise in every aspect of construction will be used to produce a high quality, high value asset.

signature architecture

The priority has been ingenious planning. Every apartment layout is lavish, functional and well-ventilated. The circulation pattern within the apartment provides exceptional privacy to the bedrooms and the design of the service entry directly to the work area / kitchen from the floor lobby is not a matter of coincidence but intelligent planning. The wide sun decks or solariums with scintillating views are sure to enhance your well-being. The high ceiling with a height of 10'6" is a unique feature  less  implemented  in  most  high-rise  developments.

The green curtain along the fence, the tree lined driveway, the exclusive woods, the pedestrian spine  across sprawling lawns as well as the pitching and putting greens lead to various water bodies. The grand 30 feet high porch flanked by a cascading waterfall and extensive greenery welcomes you to ‘planet sks’  Further, the sky garden at regular intervals and the green patches at the sundecks extend the  green  effect  right  into  the  residences  to  enjoy  the  effect  of  feeling  by  touching!

If your green outlook is still insatiable, the extensive Kadri Park just across is all yours to watch many a  flower  bloom.

Spacious lobbies in every floor, sky gardens at regular intervals and a majestic 30 feet high entrance lobby are distinct features of planning that reflect luxury. An additional feature is three levels of car parking. The restroom facility for drivers and domestic help is a detail that meets all conceivable requirements  adequately.

The spacious and functional layout within is complemented by contemporary design and remarkably finished with premium quality materials that are bound to impress even the most discerning eye. While 2 lifts facilitate access from car parks to the main lobby, 5 sophisticated intelligent elevators  will  take  you  to  your  own  living  space.

A Wi-Fi enabled complex where each residence will have its own video door phone to screen the  visitors and the most highly advanced failsafe surveillance system monitored from a central control room  ensure  continuous  security.

credit ratings

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC): The project is promoted as per guidelines of the eco-friendly standards set out by IGBC, and being developed on the 'SILVER RATING' guidelines.

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green homes is the first rating programme developed in India exclusively for the residential sector. It is based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strikes a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. Some of the tremendous Green home benefits are: Energy savings, Water savings, Enhanced air quality, Excellent day lighting, Health and Well-being of the occupants, Conservation of national resources.

Aluminium Formwork – being used for the first time in Mangalore to achieve optimum construction quality and schedules.

This is a revolutionary formwork construction system for cast in place reinforced concrete building structures. Using this unique system all the walls, floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs balconies together with doors and window openings are cast in place in a single site based operation, resulting in a strong building structure with accurate dimensions. No plastering or masonry is involved in the process. The main characteristic of this technology is that it makes use of concrete as the principal building material, which brings additional benefits in terms of build, quality and strength, its resistance to earthquake tremors, its resistance to fire, rot and vermin attack, its low noise transmission with good thermal capacity and its proven durability with minimum maintenance.

Member of Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI).




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